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Benchmark for the future.


1.6.2018 9:00  


Water for injections. Sustainable. Economical. Safe.


The OSMOTRON© has for two decades been the benchmark for compact, standardised systems for producing purified water. The OSMOTRON© WFI will be promoted at ACHEMA as the benchmark for membrane-based, cold generation of water for injection purposes.


The frame-mounted compact unit turns drinking water into the best quality WFI, with capacities of up to 15 m³/h WFI possible on a single frame. Its triple membrane barrier ensures maximum quality and optimum safety. After the two-stage reverse osmosis, the SEPTRON WFI electrodeionisation module, with its integrated ultrafiltration, is the final treatment step and safety barrier.


The OSMOTON© WFI impresses with its high water yield and resource-saving process design, resulting in a cost reduction per m³ of WFI of up to 70% below the cost of conventional thermal systems. At the same time less investment and space are needed, while the system's robustness makes it suitable for a wide spectrum of feed water quality.


The performance of the OSMOTRON© WFI was tested as part of an extensive long-term testing programme with an independent university.


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