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Cold WFI from drinking water.


8.6.2018 9:00  


Safe with a triple membrane barrier. Substantially more economical than conventional processes.


Although the USP has permitted the implementation of membrane-based procedures for some time in America, in practice this does not generally apply due respects to the European Pharmacopoeia. However, a modification to the monograph (0169) in the European Pharmacopoeia now enables to generate cold WFI for both sides of the Atlantic.


The innovative OSMOTRON WFI meets the requirements of both pharmacopoeias as well as the EMA Q&A document. A triple membrane barrier therefore ensures maximum safety and the highest quality. After the two-stage reverse osmosis, the SEPTRON WFI electrodeionisation module, with its integrated ultrafiltration, acts as a final safety barrier.


The costs per m³ of WFI are up to 70% lower than those of conventional thermal systems. The system also requires less investment and space, while its robustness makes it suitable for a wide spectrum of feed water quality.


The OSMOTRON© WFI’s performance was tested as part of an extensive long-term testing programme with an independent university.


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